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How This Works

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Use the searchbox above to browse options and find rates. You do NOT have to be logged in to book.



Sending A Booking To Your Admin For Payment


1. Use the searchbox to browse hotels and find a rate you'd like to book.

2. On the checkout page (where you input CC info to purchase), there will be a dropdown for you to pick your team.

3. There's also an option for you to "Send to admin for approval & payment" Click this if you want to send your reservation to an administrator to pay using university funds.



How to Access Your Team Fundraising Account


Again, you do not have to login to use Lucid Travel. If you book without logging in you will still recieve a receipt via email. You only need to login if you're interested in viewing all of your team's receipts, cash back balance, active members and if you're interested in using your Team Page to fundraise.

1. To login to your Team Page for the first time, Click Here.

2. Find your team on the list then click "Join Team". This will allow you to create a user account and password.

Once you're logged in to your Team Page you will be able to invite team members and send your page to family and fans as a way to fundraise.



Search 23 Sites At Once + Direct Rates + Earn Cash Back

Use this page to book travel. We consolidate rates from top sites so that you find the lowest possible price and give up to 7% cash back as a way to fundraise. You do not need to login to earn cash back - on the checkout page, there is a dropdown menu that allows you to choose what team you're on.

Our Service Advantages

  • Best Rates - Negotiated and online discounts
  • Save Time - No more calling around to hotels
  • Compare Offers - Hotels bid for your business
  • Automation - Makes the process simple and fast
  • Long Term Stays - Get discounts for long term stays
  • Testimonials - Top notch customer service
  • Administration - Free Event Website for your group